Pedestrian Accident Attorney

A pedestrian accident is when you are hit by a vehicle while walking. Vehicles are required to stop when a pedestrian comes along their way which means pedestrians have much of the right of way all the time. When a car fails to stop to give way to pedestrians, it usually results in injuries or fatalities. In case you suffered from a pedestrian accident, it is best to consult with a pedestrian accident attorney Los Angeles.

These lawyers specialize in law with regards to pedestrian accidents. Anyone that is walking on feet, using roller skates, skateboard or anything that does not have any motor in it except for bicycles is considered a pedestrian. The law also includes persons who use wheelchair whether automated or not. The fines on Los Angeles is serious which makes it more reason to get a pedestrian accident lawyer.

There are also laws which protect drivers from reckless pedestrians. It is now allowed for pedestrians to cross cars when they are too close to stop. Pedestrians should only cross the street if the traffic signal says so. For streets, without a traffic signal, the cars are supposed to stop when a person wants to cross but not all the time. The traffic should have thinned out before they can cross.

Despite these rules, there are still a lot of cases where a driver disregards the right of a person to cross the street. There are drivers speeding up to make the pedestrian stop and wait for them to pass before they can cross the street. Due to this, there are a lot of pedestrian accidents happening every day.

A good pedestrian accident lawyer from Los Angeles should be able to help you with your injury. The best solution is to get a settlement that will cover all your medical fees plus the income that you lost during your time recuperating.