Synthetic Wig Styling Tips

blonde wig

Styling your hair with a synthetic wig is easier compared to a human hair wig. There is a list of tips in order to keep your synthetic wig looking fabulous.

  • There are cleaning products designed specifically for synthetic wigs. Products for a human hair should never be used on a synthetic hair. For styling, there is a wig mousse to hold the fibers.
  • A comb made for a synthetic wig is available. Using a normal comb can damage and pull the curls of your wig.
  • Never brush a wet wig. It will stretch the fibers permanently.
  • A spray bottle filled with water can be used for styling. Simply spritz the wig and use your fingers to style. It will also remove static electricity from your wig.
  • A synthetic wig is not heat friendly. Never use heated styling tools. It will melt the synthetic fibers which can ruin your entire wig.
  • When you want to restore you wig to its original style simply wash the wig with cool water. Use the specific shampoo and conditioner for your wig. Allow it to air dry. By doing this, the fibers in your synthetic wig will return to its original form.
  • If you want to style your bangs it needs a bit of creativity and finesse. You may position the wig just a bit below the natural hairline if the bangs will be pushed back from the face.
  • Using accessories like a headband can bring brightness to your face. It also acts as an extra hold to keep your wig in place.

Whether you have a long blonde wig or a wavy brunette wig you can add extra variation by styling it properly. You should always go for the natural look. Ask a trusted friend or a family member on whether your hair looks natural or fake.